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Writing on Walls

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My journal is being started as a list of things I have not found .... It is rapidly turning into a whinge about my collapsing body... I promise I will write about Japan and food and books and all the good stuff, sometime, soon.

I am a Heritage Monster (thanks to Judy for the original concept). Stopped being one half a double-headed monster (I job-shared) a few years ago, and still interested in alternative forms of management. And management and leadership in general.

Much of my rest-of-the-week job is being a part/time student. I was a part-time research student for a decade (my thesis is at www.caerlas.co.uk). I researched muurankers (wall anchors). Someone had to do it. Now I'm a part-time MBA student. Yes, an addict. I have a paper somewhere on the seven deadly sins of education, and I definitely have gluttony.

I also write a lot of emails, mostly to the Tolkien Society, to Insulin-pumpers, and various buildings and archaeology lists.

In case it isn't obvious: my interests are my _interests_: I do not advocate colonialism as a political/economic system, encourage people to become disabled, or support the use of bricks preferentially to other building materials. I really, really do not like diabetes.

Oh, and if you are wondering about the interest in Tolkein: visit www.tolkeinsociety.org ...

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